The Théâtre de la Voix (Voice Theatre) is project of a music and theatre organization.

A lasting organization that would favour: research, development of the audiences and formation of the ear for music, creation and long lasting diffusion of the works.

A first plan of structure has been worked on by Christine Dormoy’s team and the Ministère de la Culture, the Aquitaine region, the general council of Gironde and the city of Bordeaux. This project « Théâtre de la voix, centre national de création lyrique et musical - préfiguration 2006 2008 »*, was based on the idea of specific premises to accommodate teams, working on research and creation, in Bordeaux, articulated within the project itself with the National Opera House of Bordeaux Aquitaine and partner theatres.The Molière Scène d’Aquitaine- regional artistic office of Aquitaine, proposed to be used as basis for the birth of the structure and the partnerships search.


The funds brought up by the Ministère de la culture have not been released for the 2007 year, the 2006 project of a creation center has been put on hold.

In 2009, the development of the project Theatre de la Voix is in progress. It aims at creating an opera-theatre international network.