Staging Christine Dormoy

Original music Michel Musseau

Actor’s direction André Riot Sarcey , Philippe Dormoy,

Isa Bonnet , Jean Gaudin

Stage design Philippe Marioge - Lights Marie-Hélène Pinon

Costumes Cidalia Da Costa – Stage managing Grégory Laporte



Denise Laborde, Chris Martineau and Christine Dormoy .



They are always on the verge of going but they stay there. Languages shift, objects twirl, situation get away from them. They are three travellers, three voices, three clowns. The concert busts them but music remains, like a naïve painting in the middle of an absurd world.




« Charm, poetry, laughter, music and songs. The all is balanced, as clowns must be. Charm is not enticing, poetry goes by, laughter comes back and forth without fainting, music is discreetly subtle. »

Ouest, 1996


Coproduction : IDDAC - CCAS With the support of the Fondation Beaumarchais, Fond de création lyrique, Spedidam, Facette Passion des arts, Ville de Bordeaux, OARA.