Libretto László Tihanyi and Alain Surrans from François Mauriac

Musical Direction László Tihanyi

Staging Christine Dormoy

Dramaturgy Isabelle Bonnet – Stage design Philippe Marioge - Costumes Cidalia da Costa - Lights Paul Beaureilles - Video Éric Angels

With Sevan Manoukian (Mathilde), Hanna Schaer (Félicité), Jean-Manuel Candenot (Fernand), Christophe Berry (Duluc), Denise Laborde (Marie) and Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine and Chœur de l'Opéra National de Bordeaux.


Production: Opéra national de Bordeaux


Félicité, Fernand, Mathilde... Mauriac’s characters collide with each other, hurt themselves, pass each other, loose themselves. They are endlessly watching an inner fight. They ignore body’s happiness and the only metaphor for desire in Mauriac’s work is loneliness under a blazing sun.


It is in this dissonance itself, in this impossible dialogue with oneself and with the other that Laszlo Tihanyi’ music finds its place.




« Félicité and Fernand are terrible, sick characters, and that sickness, it is voracious, possessive love, fight. » express the composer. He sees in this intensely close and stifling love story of a mother the crucible of every type of violence, the stomach on which hatred and wars feed. »