Giardino jardin de la parole

vocal theatre - 65 minutes


Director Christine Dormoy

Musical director Isabel Soccoja

With Isabel Soccoja , mezzo-soprano

Lighting Eric Soyer , sound Nicolas Déflache , video Dominique Aru , stage design Philippe Marioge , costumes Jean-Philippe Blanc (making Ateliers de l'Opéra national de Bordeaux ) and Cidalia Da Costa , headgear Sophie Nisseron , stage managing Jean-Pierre Michel , director’s assistant Céline Bénard , artistic collaboration Elodie Brémaud, Céline Bénard, Nicolas Déflache.


Recorded instrumental ensemble ( Nicolas Poitrenaud ) : Agnès Bonjean (piano), Claire Parruite (violin, viola), Isabelle Veyrier (cello), Nicolas Valette (flute), Laurent Berthomier (clarinet), Elodie Adler (harp)

Recorded and filmed vocal ensemble( Nicolas Déflache and Domique Aru ) : Wahid Lamamra (bass), Paul-Alexandre Dubois (baritone), Thierry Cantero (tenor), Sevan Manoukian (soprano) Isabel Soccoja (mezzo-soprano)


Berio’s works: Folksongs, Canzoni popolari, extracts Chamber Mucis, extracts Brin et Erderklavier, Sequenza III, A-ronne



It is the birth of musical theatre that Isabel Soccoja embodies in this performance. The play begins like a concert with musical scores inspired by popular melodies. One by one, as if they had escaped from a naïve painting, some elements enter: the wind, three apples…That’s precisely with an apple that Sequenza III is played, a capella, between talking and singing, going through all the laughter’s registers.

On Sanguineti’s poem, composed of extracts by Marx, Eliot, Barthes, Goethe, Dante, the radio play A-ronne extends this « garden of the speech » thanks to a vocal fresco making an inventory from A to Z of « what belongs to the language and what belongs to the body ».

Never would a performance have seemed so true as Isabel Soccoja’s. A theatrical posture is connected to each vocal activity, original most of the time, giving a meaning to it.

 (Pierre Gervasoni, Le Monde)


Coproduction: Le Grain Théâtre de la Voix-Opéra national de Bordeaux-Arcadi-Iddac. Partnership: La Barbacane scène conventionnée Beynes-Glob Théâtre Bordeaux-La Maison de l'Europe Aquitaine. With the support of: Grand Théâtre de Reims-Cesare and La muse en circuit centres nationaux de création musicale. Aid for diffusion: Arcadi, Iddac