Le flâneur



Music by Jean-Louis Clos on a libretto by Tiphaine Samoyault


for 4 singers and electroacoustic

Staging Christine Dormoy,

Stage design Philippe Marioge – Costumes Cidalia da Costa

Lights Paul Beaureilles

With Philippe Dormoy , the stroller - Myriam Boucris , the mother –

Sevan Manoukian, the woman - Wahid Lamamra , the friend (soloist of the Grain)



« A man is walking, looking for his geography and his history, in search of his own track. »


On a libretto written by the writer and translator Tiphaine Samoyault, the composer Jean-Louis Clot elaborates the sound score of an electronic opera in five sequences on the theme of the « stroller ». This topic, which comes from Edgar A. Poe’s text l’Homme des foules, is passed on throughout the text by poems and by the imagination of several great writers of the XXth century, and voices of migrants coming from Russia, Germany, Italy, Arabia…



State commission/Gmem Production Gmem Centre national de création musicale. With the support from Mécènes du Sud. Coproduction compagnie Le Grain Théâtre de la Voix 2006 with the support from : ministère de la Culture/DRAC Aquitaine, Conseil régional d'Aquitaine, Conseil général de la Gironde, La Ville de Bordeaux.