Music by François Rossé


Musical commission Le Grain

Small musical observation on the notion of language inspired by

the Théâtre des paroles by Valère Novarina

For a narrator, viola, cello, 3 voices, percussion and a choir of children


With the children from the leisure centers of the city of Bordeaux and six soloists from le Grain .


On the occasion of the association with the opera house of Bordeaux and the three-years projects supervision, « my voice and you », the company Le Grain achieved Kelma, on march 30th 2006 at the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux.


« The child, more than an adult, is able to receive in his fresh memory, temporarily suspended informations, which will awaken at the right moment of his future life – delayed pedagogy » François Rossé, préface de Kelma.


Production - Opéra National de Bordeaux / compagnie Le Grain In collaboration with the Centres d'Animation des Quartiers de Bordeaux on the occasion of the city’s politics with the support of Fondation de France.